Welcome to Mal Abroad!

Hi, I’m Mallori!

Household CEO, coffee addict, mama dancer, playdate coordinator and early 80s millennial. Holding a Bachelors in International Business, a Masters in Baby & Children Anger Management and a PhD in Patience. I work as a freelancer for micro-businesses & startups, yet mostly functioning as President of the Levi & Malachi Fan Club!

Most people call me Mal (plus it’s easier to pronounce living abroad). I’m a California native – originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I married my husband David in June 2008, we have two amazing little boys, Levi – 7 and Malachi – nearly 1.

Summer 2009 David and I moved to Abu Dhabi, where we spent nearly 6 years. We ventured back to the States yet quickly realized, life abroad was more of our flow. We relocated to Hong Kong in 2015.

Levi, our oldest was born 2011 in Abu Dhabi. Malachi was born 2017 in Hong Kong.

I originally started my blog as brownmomabroad, which most of my followers know me as. I’ve recently changed to Mal Abroad! Mal Abroad still has brownmomabroad’s previous interviews posted, a few old videos and my personal blog posts as well.

One of the most popular questions I get often, “what do you do?”

As mentioned above, I’m working full-time as a Household CEO and dive into a little freelance work from time-to-time, working specifically with micro-businesses and startups. I also started a little love project here in Hong Kong called 852 Mamas.

IMG_1893I enjoy teaching dance – beginners Hip-Hop,  Baby-wearing Dance for Mamas and free classes from time-to-time for domestic helpers! I am a sucker for practical jokes and black culture memes. I love to travel and have had the privilege to visit 29 countries thus far.

I usually have a random project in the works and am a self-proclaimed connector.

So here’s your chance to connect with me – shoot me an e-mail below!