How much a Family of 3 spent in Bali

So a funny thing happened today. As I was uploading a file to my Google Drive I noticed I’m almost out of space. A little alert at the left of my screen was prompting me to update my storage.

Umm…nah Google!

I started searching through my files to see what I could delete. I stumbled upon a file from three years ago titled “Bali Spending”. As procrastination starred me dead in my face, I decided to stop what I was doing and finally…FINALLY write a blog about our spending in Bali.

Three Summers ago our family of three went on a Summer Vacation to Southeast Asia. We visited multiple countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and Cambodia (I think I’m missing one). I had a plan to share EXACTLY what we spent while in Bali. Everyday I wrote in a little notebook every meal, activity and taxi ride. To the point where David was annoyed and Levi would remind me, “mom are you going to write that down?”. It was so tedious, I think once we left Bali and I uploaded the numbers to a Google Doc, I was over it!

So here we are, three years later and I’m sharing what we spent. Why?

Well, I’m in a Facebook group called Wandering Moms. It’s grown SO much over the past few years. But one of the many questions moms ask is…How Much?! They want to know how much they should budget for travel? What’s the REAL cost of international trips with kids? Once it’s all said and done, how much are people actually spending? I figured I’d help answer this question in Bali! I’d take one stop on our 2 month vacation and share what we spent.

We spent just under three weeks in Bali, here are a few disclosures:

  1. Two of our accommodations were split with a friend. She had one villa and my family had the other. I can’t remember if the price includes that split or if it’s the full price.
  2. I tried to find the price of our flights from Hong Kong to Bali, but failed. We flew Air Asia that Summer and David definitely remembers our flights were super cheap!
  3. The only hotel we booked in advance was Seminyak Lagoon All Suites. I wanted to wait until we arrived in Bali to book the rest of our accommodation. With that being said, we didn’t get the best deals because we booked the day of or the day prior to arrival.

Alright, so here is a quick glimpse image and below that is a more detailed breakdown of what we spent along with a few links!

Bali, Indonesia 2016 (1)


Total $12,403,930.00 $879.20 USD
Seminyak Lagoon All Suites $4,424,996.00 $313.64USD
Kayu Suar $4,445,698.00 315.11USD
Ubud Green $958,794.00 67.96USD
Harper Kuta $2,574,442.00 182.48USD


Total $3,074,000.00 $217.89 USD
Airport Transfer $150,000.00 10.63USD
Driver (Wayan) $400,000.00 28.35USD
Driver (Wayan) $50,000.00 3.54USD
Uber $28,000.00 1.98USD
Taxi $8,000.00 0.57USD
Uber $360,000.00 25.52USD
Driver (Gun) $400,000.00 28.35USD
Taxi $230,000.00 16.30USD
Driver $150,000.00 10.63USD
Taxi $50,000.00 3.54USD
Driver (Bagus) $300,000.00 21.26USD
Taxi $80,000.00 5.67USD
Driver (Bagus) $300,000.00 21.26USD
Driver Tip $50,000.00 3.54USD
Uber $21,000.00 1.49USD
Taxi $35,000.00 2.48USD
Taxi $70,000.00 4.96USD
Uber $99,000.00 7.02USD
Driver $200,000.00 14.18USD
Uber $18,000.00 1.28USD
Uber $75,000.00 5.32USD


Total $6,357,400.00 $450.62 USD
Bestest Cafe $200,000.00 14.18USD
Grain Cafe $145,000.00 10.28USD
Pandawa Beach $180,000.00 12.76 USD
Room Service $176,000.00 12.48USD
Taco Grill $400,000.00 28.35USD
Pizza $85,000.00 6.02USD
Warung Ocha $240,000.00 17.01USD
Nalu Bowls $55,000.00 3.90USD
Room Service $200,000.00 14.18USD
Eternal Homestyle Dining $182,000.00 12.90USD
Ithaka Warung $35,000.00 2.48USD
Dinner $211,000.00 14.96USD
Grain Cafe $325,000.00 23.04USD
Mcdonalds $40,000.00 2.84USD
Oasis Lagoon $375,000.00 26.58USD
Kreol $40,000.00 2.84USD
Dairy Queen $70,000.00 4.96USD
The Village $237,000.00 16.80USD
Johnny Rockets $240,000.00 17.01USD
Tony Romas $345,000.00 24.45USD
Gelato Secret $60,000.00 4.25USD
Lunch $39,000.00 2.76USD
Pizza $150,000.00 10.63USD
Blue Cafe $80,000.00 5.67USD
Italo Cafe $428,000.00 30.34USD
Massimo Italian $60,000.00 4.25USD
Bamboo Beach Bar $125,000.00 8.86USD
Room Service $310,000.00 21.97USD
Room Service Tip $7,000.00 0.50USD
A&W $130,000.00 9.21USD
Room Service $18,000.00 1.28USD
Legian 27 Cafe $30,000.00 2.13USD
TJ’s Mexican Restaurant $144,400.00 10.24USD
Gelato $80,000.00 5.67USD
Dinner $185,000.00 13.11USD
Black Pit Coffee $40,000.00 2.84USD
Grain Cafe $110,000.00 7.80USD
Lunch $50,000.00 3.54USD
Dinner $150,000.00 10.63USD
Ice Cream $10,000.00 0.71USD
Legian 27 Cafe $370,000.00 26.23USD

Cafes, Groceries, Laundry, Miscellaneous:

Total $2,853,000.00 $202.22 USD
Drinks $40,000.00 2.84USD
Mango $25,000.00 1.77USD
Drinks $42,000.00 2.98USD
Grocery/Wendy’s $200,000.00 14.18USD
Sim Card $112,000.00 7.94USD
Drinks $22,000.00 1.56USD
Coffee/Sorbet $105,000.00 7.44USD
Laundry $104,000.00 7.37USD
Drinks $40,000.00 2.84USD
Starbucks $145,000.00 10.28USD
Drinks/Snacks $75,000.00 5.32USD
Drinks/Snacks $110,000.00 7.80USD
Coconut $25,000.00 1.77USD
Drinks $25,000.00 1.77USD
Drinks $80,000.00 5.67USD
Laundry $160,000.00 11.34USD
Starbucks $139,000.00 9.85USD
Bug Spray $17,000.00 1.20USD
Drinks $35,000.00 2.48USD
Drinks $100,000.00 7.09USD
Starbucks $110,000.00 7.80USD
Hotel Tip $150,000.00 10.63USD
Food Mart Groceries $160,000.00 11.34USD
Gloria Jeans $42,000.00 2.98USD
Post Office $324,000.00 22.97USD
Drinks $58,000.00 4.11USD
Pharmacy $75,000.00 5.32USD
Drinks $30,000.00 2.13USD
Starbucks $153,000.00 10.84USD
Drinks $30,000.00 2.13USD
Laundry $120,000.00 8.51USD


Total $4,887,000.00 $346.39 USD
Paintai Seminyak $80,000.00 5.67USD
Pandawa Beach $50,000.00 3.54USD
Turtle Island & Boat $850,000.00 60.25USD
Murano Spa $44,000.00 3.12USD
Cenggu Beach $60,000.00 4.25USD
Fish Spa $55,000.00 3.90USD
Finding Dory Movie $120,000.00 8.51USD
Haircut $30,000.00 2.13USD
Sanur Beach $50,000.00 3.54USD
Sanur Beach Boat $30,000.00 2.13USD
Lumbung Sari Coffee $300,000.00 21.26USD
Galuh Art Shop Souk $728,000.00 51.60USD
Monkey Forest $110,000.00 7.80USD
Mt. Batur Hike $1,200,000.00 85.06USD
Smart Salon Spa $415,000.00 29.42USD
Ayung Spa $200,000.00 14.18USD
Sarong $150,000.00 10.63USD
Painting $250,000.00 17.72USD
Pandawa Beach $100,000.00 7.09USD
Necklace/Keychain $65,000.00 4.61USD

So there it is!

We spent $2,096.32 USD.

I possibly missed a coffee here and there or, some random purchase.

We spent more than we planned (#happenseveryvacation) and a few activities we decided to skip.  We can always go back! Malachi needs a chance to visit some Bali beaches!

Your family can spend a lot less in Bali than we did. And, obviously you can spend a lot more!

Bali is a very affordable place to visit solo or as a family. Getting there is usually the dilemma for people in North America. If you’ve been thinking a lot about visiting Southeast Asia, GO! It’s a wonderful experience for families and it’s possible to do it with a conservative budget if needed.

A few things I wished I knew:

  1. Find a local driver you like and stick with him!
  2. Decide on the total cost of your drive in advance with your driver!
  3. Don’t count on taxis or Uber being readily available. When going to a beach or activity 30 minutes or more away from your hotel, hire a driver for the day or half-day. It’ll save you so much worry and stress!
  4. The mosquitoes are ridiculous!! Buy mosquito repellent in Bali. I feel like the spray I had from Hong Kong was like Bath & Body works candy lotion for them and they bit right through it. Get you some LOCAL bug spray!
  5. Hotel and Villa bedroom doors don’t really close. That’s it. I wish I would have prepared my mind for that reality. I don’t do spiders, I don’t do bugs and I’m seriously allergic to mosquitos. There is some type of crack or opening somewhere – just be prepared!

Have a question, comment below or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Travels!!

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