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Brown Teen Abroad Interview Series

I’m baaaaack!! I’ve been sitting on this interview (and others) since before Summer, eek!! We had such a busy and exciting Summer traveling throughout South-East Asia, I decided to enjoy my family and not worry about blogging. When we got back to Hong Kong, Levi started preparatory/kindergarten and I feel like I am just now finding a nice balance. Thank you to Chloe for being so patient during this time.

Chloe is my first interviewee for Brown Mom Abroad’s new interview series, Brown Teen Abroad! I’m really excited about this interview series. When families live abroad and/or travel we usually only hear about the adults perspective, this series will focus on the kids in the family. I hope you enjoy it!

Chloe and her mom Nicole live in Abu Dhabi, take a peak into her life as a teen abroad!

Chloe in Greece

BMA: Introduce yourself!

My name is Chloe, I am 13 years old, and I am from Houston Texas.


BMA: What age did you receive your passport?

I received my passport at the age of 11.

BMA: Do you speak or are you currently learning a language other than English?

I am currently learning to read, write  & speak Arabic.

BMA: Can you list all the countries you’ve lived in?

I have lived in the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.

BMA: How old were you when you moved abroad? How were the first few months as an expat?

I was 12 years old, and my first few months went well, but I had a couple bumps in the road. I didn’t really like the idea of leaving the U.S., but I didn’t want to be without my mom. Also i didn’t want to leave behind any of my friends, and family.


BMA: What do you wish you knew before moving abroad?

I wish I knew that the restaurants and locals included a lot of bread in their dishes; I didn’t eat a lot of bread prior to me coming to live out here. They serve white bread, rye, and sometimes wheat bread.

BMA: What do you like most about living abroad?

I like school the most because I get to spend time with my friends from all over the world. I met some interesting people. Some are from California, Atlanta, Sweden, Palestine, and so on. They are all unique in their own way.

BMA: Tell us about school!

I am currently in school but, planning on switching to homeschooling, my favorite part about school is the interactions I have with other kids.

BMA: How long does your family plan on living abroad?

We plan on living abroad only 1 more year, because, we just finished our first.  I think this year will be much better than when we arrived. I think my second year would be better than my first because, i will know my way around, and be more comfy in the environment.

BMA: Where do you call home? What do you miss most about home?

Home is where your heart is and, my heart is in Houston. I miss the food the mostly, I missed eating crawfish, gumbo and boudin.


BMA: What advice can you share with kids nervous about moving abroad or traveling for the first time?

Don’t be afraid, it will be fun once you get to your destination. Always stay calm, and look forward to the fun you will have when you get there.

BMA: Have you experienced any discrimination while living abroad?

No, I have not.

BMA: Can you tell us about your travels?

I have visited Egypt and will be visiting some countries in *Europe this summer. When I lived in the US, I visited San Antonio, Texas, Dallas Texas, New, Orleans, Louisiana, Los Angeles, California. My favorite place was Los Angeles, California, because I went to Disneyland.

*Chloe has recently traveled to Prague, Amsterdam, London and Paris to name a few (I only know this because I stalked her Instagram!)

BMA: What do you wish your parents would do differently when you travel?

You should travel to more of the tourist attractions that have to do with food and baking.

BMA: Do you earn money as a teen abroad? 

I go around my neighborhood and sell my book, Zoe’s Sparkling Idea, You can buy it on, or


BMA: In the future, do you think you would live or work abroad as an adult?

I don’t know now, but when I get older I might move to another country. It’s kind of exciting to just move and start fresh in a new place.

BMA: What are your friends like? Where are they from?

They are really nice and fun; they are from South Africa, California, Virginia, Palestine, Sweden, Libya and Atlanta.


BMA: Tell us a travel story we’d enjoy!img_3586

When I went to Egypt with my mother and our friends went to the museum. While waiting to get into the museum a man came up to us and asked us if we could buy a newspaper. She had said no, but he wasn’t giving up, so my moms friend gave him five Egyptian pounds, and the guy said,” No I’ll give you ten for ten.” Eventually, my mom’s friend refused but after about ten times he gave in and said OK.

BMA: How can we follow your journey abroad?

My website is




Youtube: Sparkle Girl Club

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2 thoughts on “Brown Teen Abroad: Chloe

  1. Great article on the teen perspective! I have a 14 year daughter who loves to travel & Id like for her story to be heard about an upcoming trip to Senegal Africa. She has traveled to Bahamas, Canada & various states within US. Her goal is to visit all US states by age 18. Agrresive goal😜


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