Hong Kong Rocks the Curls

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For the past year and a half I’ve been rocking my natural curls. Without going into my full hair story, I’ll just say it’s been a very fulfilling journey getting to know these beautiful kinky curls on my head. Although I’ve enjoyed the journey, it hasn’t been easy living overseas with natural hair, a few disadvantages are:

  • I don’t have a local hair supply store with products for natural hair care I can pop into
  • I don’t have a local stylist I can make an appointment (knowing with 100% certainty they’re familiar with my hair texture and are adequately licensed and trained stylists)
  • I don’t see many woman with natural hair on a daily basis who inspire me to continue to embrace my kinks.

What has been helpful, however, was being  introduced to the Facebook group, Hong Kong Rocks the Curls. Full disclosure, I haven’t been an active member in the group. I post questions or comments when needed. Otherwise, I’m pretty absent. For me, it was one of those Facebook groups you stay connected with because you know one day YOU WILL NEED HELP!

During my lack of group participation I’ve missed out on a few meetups over the past 9 months or so.  I haven’t made a strong effort to attend and had no plans on making the most recent meetup earlier this month.  If it wasn’t for a gentle push from a friend I would have totally missed out again. I’m so happy I was able to make it!

Sonya,  is the administrator of Hong Kong Rocks the Curls (pictured in pink). With the success of the group and the meet-ups Sonya is in the process of creating a website and blog for Hong Kong Rocks the Curls. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can reach Sonya via email at info@werockthecurls.com.

For Hong Kong Rocks the Curls Summer Meetup Sonya reserved a private room at The Tea Room by Antique Patisserie. Which basically meant we were the Tea Room’s only guests which was quite nice! The set-up was intimate and quaint, I walked into a relaxing and welcoming ambiance. Upon choosing a seat we were offered our choice of tea and had a chance to mingle among ourselves. I was able to make new acquaintances, including two teenagers and surprisingly a Brown Mom Abroad Instagram follower which was pretty cool!

The room was full of beautiful brown women and yet the group was still quite diverse! The ladies were from Kenya, France, U.S Virgin Islands, South Africa, Canada, USA, and I’m sure I’m missing one or two.


Our focus soon turned to the three panelists, pictured left to right: Lydiah from Kenya, Kenise from the United States, and Adrianna from Canada. All three have differing hair textures, lengths and routines.

IMG-20160613-WA0050-01As I nibbled on warm lemon zest scones and Je T’aime tea, the ladies gave us some insight into their hair journey, daily hair care routine, favorite hair products, as well as personal stories and experiences rocking their curls in Hong Kong. Because it was such an intimate event we were able to chime in with questions, comments and suggestions during the panel discussion.

What I especially enjoyed from the panel discussion was the panelists differing opinions. Every head of curls is not like the other, so opinions and suggestions varied and at times contradicted the other and, it was awesome! I appreciate hearing differing opinions because ‘one size fits all’ does not apply with natural hair.

At the end of the panelist discussion we had the pleasure of being ‘schooled’ in fashion about Yves Saint Laurent by Nathalie, buyer for DFS Asia (pictured below). Not only does she rock a beautiful shaved head, but her love for fashion shined through during her brief presentation to the group.


Before the event came to an end Sonya was kind enough to give out a few freebies. A satin pillowcase, headscarf, and Shea Moisture hair products were a few of the raffle gifts. Unfortunately I didn’t win – yes, I’m a little salty as I really wanted that particular head scarf!


As 6:00 pm approached we posed for a group photo and made our way to the rainy and steep streets of Hong Kong. The tea, small bites, conversation, and information made this event a great success. For ladies (natural or not) in the Hong Kong area debating about attending the event, I would highly suggest it.

You can find the Hong Kong Rocks the Curls Facebook group here!

Great job Sonya, looking forward to the next event!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this event, comment below.

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