Brown Mom Abroad: An American Mom in Abu Dhabi

I met the beautiful and talented Dee in Abu Dhabi. I was turning 30 and thought it would be fun to have a professional doll up my face! We bonded over the love of our boys (husbands and sons) and stayed connected ever since.

Dee is an International Celebrity Makeup Artist and Photographer. She was born in Malaysia and raised in the USA.

Get to know our third Brown Mom Abroad Interviewee, Dee:

Dee, Abu Dhabi

BMA: When did you first get your passport?

Dee: 12 years old

BMA: What city or country is your favorite place to visit and why?

Dee: Japan has a great contrast of old and modern. People were very friendly and so many things to see. I could not put my camera down.

BMA: What city or country was your worst place to visit and why?

Dee: France. Too expensive, and people were not as friendly.

BMA: Is there any city or country that you have absolutely no desire to visit? Why?

Dee: Nope

Dee, Abu Dhabi

BMA: What languages do you speak?

Dee: Malay, Spanish and English.

BMA: Can you list all the places you’ve lived and how many years in each place?

Dee: Malaysia – 12 years, USA – 12 years, and UAE – 6 years.

BMA: Have you experienced discrimination for being brown while traveling abroad? Can you elaborate on your experience?

Dee: I want to say in Paris. We didn’t get the best service any where we went and people gave us the weirdest stare.

BMA: What made you decide to live abroad?

Dee: Me and my husband wanted to travel when we dated and when he got the opportunity to move to the UAE, we took it as our chance to save money while travel around the world.

Dee, Abu Dhabi

BMA: Can you list all the cities/countries you visited?


  1. Malaysia
  2. Singapore
  3. Thailand
  4. Indonesia
  5. Kenya
  6. Turkey
  7. Germany
  8. Jordan
  9. France
  10. Egypt
  11. Netherlands
  12. Sri Lanka
  13. Japan
  14. Bahrain
  15. Oman
  16. USA
  17. UAE

BMA: What do you wish you knew before you decided to move abroad?

Dee: What clothes to bring. what shops and store they have there. How their groceries store looks like and also hows the medical centers are like.

BMA: Did you meet your husband in your home country or while living abroad?

Dee: USA (BMA: I happen to know Dee and her husband are high school sweethearts *que the ooohs and awwwww*)

BMA: How long do/did you plan on living abroad?

Dee: We planned to stay here for two years initially but we are still here.

Dee, Abu Dhabi

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