An Introduction

Welcome to Brown Mom Abroad!

I’m Mallori, you can call me Mal. I’m originally from California. I’m a child of the 80s.

I’m Brown, beautifully and unambiguously. To be specific: African-American. Internationally, I’m solely described as “American” or “Black”.

I was blessed with the gift of Motherhood in 2011. I’m in LOVE with my beautiful little family.

I’m an Expat. An Expatriate (expat) is a person living in a country to which they do not belong or hold citizenship. I’m grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to travel to 17 countries and counting!

We had the pleasure of living in Abu Dhabi for 5+ years. Unfortunately, I didn’t blog/vlog while there and I truly regret not recording my experiences. Early August 2015 we’re moving to Hong Kong! This time around I want to capture my experience and perspective while living abroad.

Why Brown Mom Abroad? I choose this name because I get a lot of questions and they all seem to fall into three categories:

  1. Life as an Expat
  2. Life as a Brown Expat
  3. Life as an Expat Parent.

Brown Mom Abroad will be an assortment of expat living, parenting, traveling and more. I’ll post videos, articles, reviews and photos here, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – please follow, subscribe and share!

I truly hope you enjoy Brown Mom Abroad as I jump into the blogging world.

From my family to yours, God Bless!


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